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New Zealand's Consumer and Trade Sustainability Show, 5th year in 2015, unveils "4 shows under 1 roof". It will showcase the range of creative and responsible products, organic, services and innovation already available and soon to be, which can help us all live a healthier lifestyle and achieve a healthier planet.

The Green Living Show 2015 will push the boundaries of what individuals, businesses and government see as “possible” for New Zealand. Our event will create a sense of environmental urgency and belief that we could all make a big difference to our individual and collective wellbeing and sustainability. There will also be seminars and workshops to educate and empower with practical tools and knowledge.

The Green Living Magazine

Check out The Green Living Magazine, the place for consumers and businesses to find information about sustainability, organics, natural products, health solutions and social responsibility. This is a FREE magazine which is digital and for the show we have a printed issue.